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HTML Email

Xmas HTML Product Mailer

As a Christmas promotion, PlayStation needed a HTML email to advertise popular and seasonal products. They wanted to include their symbols as a main feature within the design. I introduced them as a stylistic device to represent snow.

This Week Newsletter

As part of the Unlimited Group, I was briefed to give the weekly HTML newsletter a re-vamp. It needed to be fresh and inclusive of each of the agency. I developed numerous banners that incorporated work from within the group to give a feeling of 'together-ness.' 

Xmas HTML Product Mailer

As part of a Christmas product mailer, Logitech wanted a vibrant, clean and simple HTML email. It needed to be representative of their brand, but also seasonal. I developed snowflake icons that gave it a 'christmassy' feel. 

Education Newsletter

As part of the Studio design team, I developed a mailer intended to be an informative resource to the rest of the agency. I developed our brand look and feel by using black and white assets that made each element pop, making the the content look engaging. 

Xmas HTML Product Mailer

I designed this product mailer to have a lighter background with subtle snow-like gradients, which incorporated PlayStation symbols amongst the snow. It was important to consider the practicality of how this would translate across to the build.  

Talent Academy 

Internal Newsletter

As part of an internal training programme I designed and hand-coded a HTML email intended to be sent within the agency. I designed this with the build in mind, knowing what is more favourable from a build perspective.

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