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GT Turbo Infographic

This was a shared project between a colleague and myself. I led the project by drawing an initial sketch and composing the digital layout. Between us, we illustrated elements of the infographic. Please click through the see the illustrations I was responsible for. 


My brief was to create an infographic that represented a journey (the road to coverage). All elements were illustrated and adhered to brand guidelines. 


This was a joint project, produced by a colleague and myself. Our brief was to create an infographic that could be 'sliced' and used as social assets. I was responsible for the digital layout and the first three sections/slices. All assets (other than the map) were digitally drawn as vectors. 

Mobile Christmas time

I was briefed to create a seasonal infographic that could be used within publication, as well as on social media. I led the project, sketching and designing the layout, as well as being responsible for the overall composition. I was assisted by members within the design team, who created assets.

'Do it yourself'

The brief for this particular infographic was to produce a gender neutral infographic on a predominately female-specific subject. I was responsible for the design, composition and production of vector assets throughout.   

*Password protected, please contact me for access
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