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SYM Brochure

Sunseeker Superyacht Management

SYM needed a luxury brochure that represented their brand and the high-end industry. It was imperative it looked professional, sleek and enticing. I produced a layout that was image dominant, allowing luxury yachts to deliver impact along with a wow-factor. 

ICM Litmus

ICM needed a simple, yet effective advertisement design to promote a new company programme, ICM Litmus.
ICM Litmus focuses on how data was displayed, which was typically designed an infographic style. As a team, we were responsible for providing the infographics, and I was solely responsible for the above advertisement.  

Research Report

As part of there new whitepaper campaign, I was briefed to provide an engaging brochure design, which brought to life the brand of Toshiba. This was designed and then translated into six different languages. 

Venue Design

I was briefed to create a visual identity for an upcoming event. This included outside signage, accompanying stickers that were used throughout the venue as well as mailer inserts, and a step-and-repeat board. I was solely responsible for the production of the assets, and produced everything (other than the logo and characters) by hand. 

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